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Expanding the Change-mapping toolset

This brand new book will introduce twenty brand new Tetradian tools to expand the basic toolset shown in the first change-mapping book. Each tool has a brand new scenario, instructions and filled in tool-sheet to show you how to use the tools in your change projects.

To download a pre-production sample of the book, click on the link below.

“Able to be used at every scale, and extended to accommodate any existing tools, the Change-Mapping approach set out in this series creates a consistent and reliable way of identifying real issues in organisations, and helping participants collaborate effectively in their resolution.” 
Darryl Carr, Editor Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal

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Working with existing business tools

Change-mapping has been designed to work with non-Tetradian tools as well as Tetradian tools. This new book will show seven existing tools working in Change-mapping missions. Each features a scenario and example of the tool in use. Here we see how the Zachman frame work would work as part of Change-mapping.

““I warmly recommend this book to change agents who are searching for a pragmatic change method and tools that make their impact felt immediately. I am sure you will find the tools and ideas presented valuable and gracefully challenging conventional practices. I wish I had known some of these tools much sooner in my career..”
Jörg Schreiner, Managing partner co-shift


Out now!

Every Tetradian tool is explained over four pages. Here we see the Inside/Out tool which has been filled in using a scenario. Every tool has full instructions about what the tool is, what needs to be done before using the tool and how to use it.

The book will be out early 2021 and is the same size as the first Change-mapping book, check back for more updates!

‘This book is a treasure trove for anyone that is serious about getting change right. Each tool and template is described, shown and demonstrated using a real-life example. In this way, the step from theory to practice becomes a lot more concrete and doable, and should give the reader enough confidence to start the journey to becoming a change master.’” 
Bard Papegaaij, Co-Author “Enterprise Design Patterns” and Core Team Member 
at Intersection Group

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Buy the 2nd book now!

The 126 page*, full colour book is out soon at all good retailers priced £12.95* in the UK.

Book dimensions 229mm (9 inches) x 152mm  (5.9 inches).