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Downloadable Linked Mission tools

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These tools are used to explore, address or resolve a large scale complex issue. They are used inside a Linked Mission which breaks the issue up into parts:
• Set up the Linked Mission to tackle an issue.
• Define how any information found will be stored and shared.
• Explore the big picture surrounding an issue.
• Clarify your organisation's purpose.
• Explore how your organisation functions.
• Establish what needs to change to resolve an issue.

• Explore what options you have to resolve an issue.

• Explore the potential ramifications of you resolving an issue.

• Planning how to resolve an issue.

• Testing a plan to resolve an issue in real-world conditions.

• Enacting a plan to resolve an issue.

• Reviewing how successful an enactment was.

• Reviewing the Linked Mission itself.

You can download the tools to use in your own missions, the instructions to use the tools are in the Advanced Change-mapping book, Part 1 and Part 2.

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