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Coming soon: Changes 'A business novel'

Marco has a new job: Head of Organizational Change. But his bright new plan to bring the company into the future is falling apart - yet he can't see why. He's going to need some help to get him to the other side of this...

When that help arrives, it comes from some unexpected places - and some of it will challenge him to the limit. Even if we're the ones who are creating change, the catch is that change isn't only for other people: often we're the ones who need to change the most in order to make it work.

This book has two roles. One is that it's a human story about business, about what happens in businesses, and how we can guide meaningful change in how a business works. It's also a practical introduction to the Tetradian suite of tools for business change - tools to improve effectiveness across the whole of a business, at every scope and scale.

“It takes a very different approach to most other books on the topic of EA, where Tom sets about painting a picture of a fictional, but all-too-familiar enterprise environment as it goes through a period of change. With some rich and thoughtful character development, a twisting and turning plot to capture the reader’s attention, and some great explanations of his work on understanding and architecting enterprises, it provides a compelling way to see EA in action.” 
Darryl Carr-Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal