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Out now! Advanced Change-mapping

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The last of the Change-mapping series describes how to use Change-mapping to explore, resolve and address large and complex issues. The book shows step by step how Change-mapping works with a highly detailed example of a 'Linked Mission'.

The book also introduces new mission and roles that can be used to make your organisations more effective. Also included are a set of workshops based around questions posed on Tom Grave's well known 'Tetradian weblog'. 

A brand new set of tools which are described in this new book will also be available to download from this website, so subscribe for the latest updates!

Also check out the Patreon website for information about new exclusive tools

‘This book would be worth having just to show that business books can be beautiful!’.” 
Douglas Brown, Caltrop Press

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The book is divided into four parts:

Part 1: How to explore complex issues. A detailed step by step guide to running a large scale  mission to explore how to update an ERP system.

Part 2: How to get more from Linked Missions. Introducing new roles and specialised missions to make your Change-mapping missions more effective.

Part 3: How to ask the right questions. A set of questions taken from the Tetradian Weblog which pose questions about organisations and enterprise-architecture.

Part 4: What have you learnt? A summary of the information described in the Change-mapping series, from book 1 to book 3.

Coming soon will be a set of exclusive tools, available on Patreon. For now check out the site, which produces content for Enterprise Architects

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Out Now!

The 120 page, full colour book is out soon at all good retailers priced £12.95 in the UK.

Book dimensions 229mm (9 inches) x 152mm  (5.9 inches).

If possible please leave a review on Amazon!

amazon link for change mapping book
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