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A new way to connect business tools

Change-mapping is a new system developed to link unconnected business tools to explore or resolve an issue affected by change. This easy to use book demonstrates a simple system which can 'plug-in' any existing business tool, so that an issue can be seen at the 'big-picture' scale down to the finest detail. Change-mapping uses a clear mapping method which allows the user to see what parts of the issue have or haven't been explored

or resolved.

“Change-mapping’ deserves to be part of the start-up kit of every cross-functional team that is about to tackle a complex business challenge - be it a business model adjustment, organisational change or operational problem.” 
Daniel Poso, PhD - Global Head, Digital Transformation Strategy, 
Product Development, Roche AG

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Business strategy

This brand new book, developed over two years is aimed at those who are familiar with business tools but are frustrated with how to connect them to create a cohesive picture of an issue affected by change.

Featuring basic theory, clear colour diagrams and easy to use timed exercises the book helps the reader explore or resolve issues affected by change. 

“Using real-world use cases, practical guides and templates, this is a resource you can use to implement architecture systems and processes immediately and is perfect for those looking to understand enterprise architecture or progress to becoming a practitioner.”
Heidi Beets, Enterprise Architect, Flight Centre Travel Group

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A simple to use system for exploring or resolving an issue of any size

or complexity

Change-mapping takes any issue and splits it into seven manageable parts. 

Each part is represented by a coloured folder. Using these folders a small team works through exploring or resolving an issue, with the help of easy to use tool-sheets.

This process is called a mission. In the book a simple mission is described step by step, as well more complex missions are shown in brief.

Change-mapping can be used for issues of any size and complexity. 

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Buy the book now!

The 116 page, full colour book is out now at all good retailers priced £12.95 in the UK.

Book dimensions 229mm (9 inches) x 152mm  (5.9 inches).

The book is a print-on demand book and has an average delivery time of about one to two weeks including printing and delivery, depending on location.

Should you want to order it from your local bookshop quote ISBN-13: 978-1906681401

If possible please leave a review on Amazon!

amazon link for change mapping book
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